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Rare Plants Subscription

Rare Plants Subscription

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Rare Plants Subscription

 This is your gateway to an exotic world of botanical curiosities! Discover the thrill of growing rare plants in your very own home with our unique monthly subscription service.

Every month, we hand-pick and deliver to your doorstep a carefully curated selection of one or two rare, exotic, and hard-to-find plant species from around the globe. We choose each specimen based on rarity, beauty, historical interest, and cultivation viability, ensuring a wide array of unique plants throughout your subscription.


Whether you're looking to expand your collection, bring a touch of the exotic into your home, or gift a truly unique experience to a loved one, the RumbleBumble rare plant monthly subscription service offers an exciting journey into the enchanting world of rare plants. Start your botanic journey with us today!

 Varieties will vary based on availability but may include plants like Philodendron Pink Princess, Alocasia Cuprea, Black Jewel Orchid, rare Hoyas, Begonias and Anthurium etc. 



Your first plant will ship immediately. We ship plants Nationwide and shipping cost is Included in the price.  Plants are sensitive creatures, and we have many years of experience packing each kit with a lot of care. All packages are sent through USPS or UPS. 


Cancel or skip a month

There are no forced commitments. You can skip or cancel before your order processes, up to 12 hours before your card is charged. If within 12 hours of being charged, your order is considered for that month.  


 **At this point we are unable to provide a pet-friendly-only option, but there will be a few of those in the selection.

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