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Essential Plant Care Kit

Essential Plant Care Kit

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Complete plant care in 3 simple steps! This kit contains three essentials to guarantee fast growth, strong roots and lush, healthy leaves. 

Includes: Grow Concentrate Protect Spray with Neem , Enrich Powder 

  • 3 easy-to-use essentials for complete plant care. 
  • Beautifully presented; a perfect gift or treat for yourself. 
  • Won’t shock plants or burn roots; safe to use year-round. 
  • Products last 12-20 plants approx. 2 months.
  • All products are backed by science, use only organic ingredients & made in USA.

Who’s it for? 

Anyone with roughly 8-20 plants, looking to give them the best possible care. 

More About It:

The kit has everything a thriving plant needs, or struggling plants.

How do you store it? 

Store all products upright and out of direct sun. Avoid excessive heat, moisture and humidity. 

Can they be used all together?

Yes! Our products focus on three pillars of plant health, so using them together will give the best results. 

What plants can you use it on?

These products are specifically formulated for houseplants, but can be used on all plants; indoor, outdoor, in pots or in the garden.

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