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Protect Spray with Neem (17 fl oz)

Protect Spray with Neem (17 fl oz)

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Neem Oil is combined with a specialist microbial blend, as well as Australian inspired botanical oils to provide broad-spectrum protection and remedy the environmental stressors that make plants struggle.

17 fl oz (500mL)

  • Boosts leaf health and immunity. 
  • Broad-spectrum remedy of a range of problems. 
  • Adds shine for lush foliage. 
  • All the benefits of Neem, as well as beneficial microbes and botanical oils. 
  • Pleasant smelling and simple to use.  
  • All products are backed by science,  use only organic ingredients & made in USA.

What is it? 

A special blend of Neem Oil, Australian inspired botanical oils, a dose of microbial solution, along with other enzymes and hormones. This spray is perfect for helping with almost all leaf issues. 

Tips for use?

Ensure the plant is hydrated and out of direct or very bright light before spraying. Use fortnightly for maintenance or every 4-5 days when treating an issue. 

How do you store it? 

Store uprigh and out of direct sun. Avoid excessive heat, moisture and humidity. 

How do you use it? 

Spray the tops and undersides of leaves fortnightly, or as desired. It can be wiped away, or left as is. 

What plants can you use it on?

This product is formulated with houseplants in mind, but can be used outdoors, provided it’s applied in the early morning or evenings.

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