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Grow Concentrate

Grow Concentrate

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Packed with bacteria, enzymes and nutrients for fast growth, this bioactive liquid plant food is fast absorbing to give plants the kick they need to thrive.

8 fl oz (236mL): makes up to 62 gallons.

  • Bio-active, natural and organic fertilizer. 
  • Fast absorbing for results you can see. 
  • Replaces the need for other fertilizers. 
  • Won’t shock plants or burn roots; safe to use year-round. 
  • Safe for all plants. 
  • All products are backed by science, use only organic ingredients & made in USA.

What is it? 

A potent, bioactive liquid fertilizer that’s fast absorbing to give plants a boost and encourage quick new growth. Low odor and non-toxic, so perfect for indoor use. 

Tips for use:

Can be used all throughout the year and on all plants. Supercharge the solution by adding ¼ tsp of sugar to the Grow and then adding water for an extra plant powering kick. 

How do you store it? 

Store upright and out of direct sun. Avoid excessive heat, moisture and humidity. 

How do you use it? 

Use with every water. Shake well and add ¼ tsp per quart (32oz) of water to your container. Water plants as usual with the solution. 

What plants can you use it on?

These products can be used on all plants; indoor, outdoor, in pots or in the garden.

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